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[ˌdiskəmˈbäbyəˌlādəd] ADJECTIVE (humorous): confused and disconcerted. As in My new card is looking a little discombobulated."

Digi Divas Everywhere- I was thinking about a word that I could use to make an unusual card using my new Block Alphabet Digi Set. I believe I came up with a good one! At least at the time it seemed so...

The great thing about the set is all the letters are separate files! Available in 3 or 4 colors, sizes, upper/lower case, complete with punctuation marks. And- I chose the fonts at random! That made this really easy to "assemble" on my computer and print the "discombobulated" piece as one. I printed some letters twice and used 3M® Foam tape to add a little depth.

Happy Scrapping and Hugs to ALL!


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