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My Snowmies Card

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Welcome Digi Divas! I am so thrilled you stopped by today! I have a FUN, NEW card to share with you -My Snowmies. They are just too cute! Come along as I guide you through this frosty adventure. Grab your hot cocoa and your warm and fuzzies and let's go.....

Suggested card size: 7"x5"


#4050J - My Snowmies Digital Stamp Set B00 - Sky Edges

Hammermill® White 100lb. Coverstock B12, B14, B16 - Hats ...

(2) 7"x5" Craftsmart® Green Cardstock Rectangles B60, B63, B66, R01 - Snowmies

6-3/4"x4-3/4" Paper Studio® - Happy Holidays Pad - Trees E30, E33, E35, E37 - Sign

Vintage Torn Edge Oval Nesting Dies G12, G14, G16 - Hats ...

(2) Small White Pom Poms G61, G63, G67 - End Hat...

(1) Jingle Brad N1, N3, N5 - Coal

Small Gold Twine Bow R12, R14, R17, R29 - Hats ...

Nuvo® Crystal Drops - Ripened Pumpkin W1, W3 - Shadows

Tiny Iridescent Sequin Snowflakes YR02, YR04 - Noses

Rhinestone Snowflakes

White Flocking

White Faux Acrylic Snowflakes

Dimensional® Glue

Tear-ific® Tape

I got so excited about these guys, that I started without you... ;-/ So I started a second time. Sorry for the pics.

Size the Snowmies image 5"x3-3/8" on one half your sheet. Print.

Color as desired. I chose to use COPIC® markers.

The list of colors are listed above. I hope the list is helpful.

I hope this is helpful. Aren't they a cute bunch of Snowmies?

Using an X-acto® knife cut around the two outer feet as shown. Slip the next largest Vintage Torn Edge nesting die under the feet and arrange. Run through the Big Shot®.

At the tip of the hat poke a small hole. Push a Jingle brad through the hole and open wings on the backside. Using Dimensional® glue, glue gold bow at base of Jingle Brad.

Using Dimensional® Glue, glue one of the Pom Poms to the ball of middle Snowmie's hat.

Trim about 1/3 of the second Pom Pom off with scissors and adhere to the end Snowmie's hat with the trimmed edge showing. Let Dry.

Center and adhere the 6-3/4"x4-3/4" Paper Studio® - Happy Holidays Pad - Trees to the 7"x5" Craftsmart® Green Cardstock Rectangle.

Using the largest Vintage Torn Edge Nesting Die and the 2nd 7"x5" Craftsmart® Green Cardstock Rectangle run through the Big Shot®.

Center Snowmies Image on the green oval and adhere.

Center the ovals on the Paper Studio® - Happy Holidays Pad - Trees and adhere.

Apply Nuvo® Crystal Drops - Ripened Pumpkin drops on each Snowmie's Nose and pull to a point using a pin. Let DRY.

Using COPIC® "B00" I colored around the upper half of the oval using a flicking motion.

At this point my need for Bling kicked in...

In my stash I dug out some tiny Iridescent Sequin Snowflakes, a few Rhinestone Snowflakes, White Flocking and White Acrylic Faux Snowflakes.

I randomly adhered some of the Rhinestone Snowflakes and Tiny Iridescent Sequins around the Snowmies. Using Dimensional® Glue I adhered White Flocking to the Snowmie's Cuffs and middle Snowmie's hat brim. as shown. I adhered some White Acrylic Faux Snowflakes along the bottom of the oval around the Snowmies as fluffy snow they are sitting on.

Lastly, OPTIONAL - I applied a couple of scraps and a name plaque on the backside of the card.

It is my so called "Cherry on the top" to my cards.

Show me your creations at Jan's Digi Stamps Challenges where anything goes. Two (2) ways to win gift certificates to Jan's Digi Stamp Shop. One way is by submitting a creation using one of Jan's Digi sets. Second way is to submit any creation from any artist including yourself. I do enjoy seeing talented people's creations. Join in the FUN!

I am sharing this sweetheart of a card with the following:



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