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Nutcracker Decor Shopping

Hello Digi Divas! Today I am going totally out of my typical realm of creativity and tutorials. I wanted to share with you my latest trip to Hobby Lobby this past week to get some of the NEW Christmas Paper Pads to make my Christmas cards with. While there it was impossible to not notice all the beautiful Fall and Christmas items they were putting out. So of course I had to linger and take a look at what there was that I couldn't do without. LOL! Along my stroll to the back of the store to get to the paper craft dept.; I saw these cute wood cut outs. I stopped to look... then talked myself out of them. "You really do not need those. You haven't painted in years. You really have other things you could use the money on that you would enjoy." So, I placed them back on the peg and started for the paper craft dept. again.

While buying my paper pads, I found those Nutcrackers creeping into my thoughts saying how cute they would look hanging on either side of my garage door for Christmas. Like so many of us have done. I find myself back looking at the Nutcrackers. Again I find myself trying to talk myself out of them. "The Ornament cut-outs made more sense; they are thicker for the outdoors. The Nutcrackers are very thin. They will warp..." I kept trying to talk myself out of them. "But they are 50% Off!" Do I really have to say anything more? ;-D Needless to say I came out of Hobby Lobby carrying 2 wooden Nutcracker cut-outs.

So, I'm driving towards home. My brain is racing with ideas of how I can make these Nutcrackers ready for the great outdoors. OH! Home Depot! I whipped my car so fast into Home Depot I think I was on 2 wheels. Look out NASCAR... Well $34. later, I think I have the fix for 2 $6.+ Nutcrackers. All I can say is I am blessed with a well-equipped garage, a loving husband and a good dose of patience on both of our parts.

I dug around in my paint stash that has been occupying a storage tote for about 20+ years.... I know! I was shocked that they were not all dried up. A few had solidified but I managed to find enough paint to carry on. (Got to Love Delta® and FolkArt®)

Five days later, I had 2 Nutcrackers painted front and back. Simple designs with some minor shading.

I traced the shape of the Nutcrackers tops onto the wood I had purchased at Home Depot. At this point my honey took on the jig saw work for me. I then used an over abundance of wood glue to adhere them together. Clamped them, wire nailed and let dry overnight.

After a healthy dose of Krylon ® Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze front and back; only a week after falling in love with these handsome fellows, I think they are ready for their debut to honor either side of my garage door for the Christmas Holidays.

I hope you enjoyed my fun trip to Hobby Lobby and the adventures of the Nutcrackers. I had to share this with another crafter because a crafter is the only one that would understand my craziness. Thank you for stopping by. Come back and visit again. I will be back again soon with another fabulous card making tutorial to share with you.

Just a reminder that Jan's Digi Stamp Shop is having a sale on her fall themed Digis.

I am wanting to share these handsome gentlemen with the following:

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