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Snow Family Christmas Card

Welcome Divas! Thank you for stopping by for a fun Holiday Card tutorial. Today I wanted to create a cute bent wing Christmas Card using my SnowGlobe Family Digital Stamp Set and some items from my stash. Grab your favorite winter hat, scarf, and let's play in our stash...

Suggested card size: 7"x5" Bent Wing Card


3450J - Snow Globe Family Stamp Set B60 & B63, B67 - Snowpeople

Hammermill® 100lb. White Coverstock E31, E35, Multiliner Brown

reminisce® Magical Night Cardstock G12, G14, G16, G18 - Ruffle

12"x12" Snow Scene- Stash R2 - Cheeks

Silver Metallic Cardstock - Stash R12, R14, R29, R39 - Scarf-Hat-Muff

Season's Greetings Die W1, W3, W5 - Mop Hair

Nuvo® Glitter Drops - White Blizzard YG61, YG63, YG67, Multiliner Olive-Hat & Scarf

Rhinestones - Stash YR00, YR01, YR02 - Carrot

Foam® Tape

Bearly Art® Precision Glue MICRON® 01 Pigment Pen - Black

EZ-Tear® Tape MICRON® 05 Pigment Pen - Red

Small paint brush

Like myself, you may have things in your stash that are simular to those I am using and can be utilized if you do not have the exact item I used. On this card I used mostly things from my stash.

I started with my 3450J-SnowGlobe Family Digital Stamp Set with their eyes of coal and carrot noses. I used the pre-colored version of the Snow People; I sized the dad to

2-3/4", the mom to 2-1/2" and the child to

1-3/4". Group them as shown in a group with the child in the middle. The group as a whole should be 3-1/2". Copy and paste the child and place to the side.

Print on Hammermill® 100lb. White coverstock. Fussy cut the images as shown. Using faom tape, align and adhere the child snowman over the snow child with family. Set to the side.

I've had this snow scene in my stash for a number of years. I came across it while looking for something else and an idea sprang into my mind- LOL! This is it.... ;-)

I fussy cut the treeline and cabins as such for the background of the Snow Family. Set the pieces to the side.

Using Hammermill® 100lb. White Coverstock to make a "Bent Wing Cardbase". Cut a 6-7/8"x5" rectangle, a 6-1/4" rectangle, slope from one corner to the other side as shown. Cut a 1/2" tab as shown. Cut a 4-1/2" rectangle, slope from one corner to the other side as shown. Cut a 1/2" tab as shown.

Cut a 6-7/8"x2-1/2" rectangle from Reminisce® Magical Night Cardstock from my stash. Adhere to the 6-7/8"x5" cardbase back leaving the edges loose to slide the wings under.

Score and fold the wings at 1/4" as shown.

Adhere the wings to the back- the longer wing to the left side. Then adhere the reminisce® Magical Night cardstock to the back as shown.

To make the treeline horizon, weave the two fussy cut pieces of trees and cabins together. Adhere the one cabin behind the 1st cabin with the treeline fussy cut in front of the trees. Together they should make one treeline.

Adjust the treeline so that all three cabins are on the card. The cabin roof line should be about 1" from the top as shown. Adhere to the card back and trim off the excess tree line as shown.

Using Copic® B60 and B63 to trace/shade the 2 snowmen by the cabins and roof tops. Then use MICRON® Pigment Pens trace the accessories of the 2 snowmen by the cabins.

Make sure the slit is cut thru from back to front.

On the side wings, Use Copic® B60 and B63 to draw snow slopes and drifts for the Snow family to frolich in on both wings.

Using a small brush and Nuvo® Glitter Drops - White Blizzard, brush on to wherever you see snow including the wings and snow family.

Brush some glitter glue where the shadows are on the Snow Family as shown.

Adhere Rhinestones from your stash to the tree as shown.

Put the cardbase wings into slots.

Glue the Family to the left wing with the mom overlapping the shorter flap to hide the seam.

Glue only behind the dad as shown.

Adhere the beautifully decorated Christmas tree to the right wing with glue only on the middle of the tree.

Cut the Season's Greetings using the die on silver cardstock from my stash. Adhere across the sky as shown.

Seeing the SnowGlobe family makes me feel all happy and Christmas-y inside. Christmas is for everyone.

Nothing like a brisk Christmas stroll in the crisp Holiday air and moonlight as a family to bring good cheer to friends and family alike!

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step bent wing Christmas Card Tutorial and the opportunity to use up some stash. I invite you to share your own card creations at Jan's Digi Stamp Blog Challenge. Enter for a chance to win a $6 Jan's Digi Stamp Shop credit. Use a Jan's Digi and get twice the chance to win! You can also find all of my Digital stamp sets at Jan's Digi Stamp Shop on Etsy.

I would like to wish you and yours a blessed and joyous Christmas season! May God bless and protect you and yours this coming year.


I would like to share this Holiday beauty with the following challenges:



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