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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Hello Digi Divas, After a couple of detours I am back on my Christmas Card journey to finish my Christmas Card List. I invite you to come along as I make Three Snowflake inspired cards for the day.

The First card for the day is a short tutorial for a Z-Fold Snowflake Card.

Suggested card size is 5"x7".

Cut a 10"x7" rectangle of White Card Stock. Scored and folded at 2-1/2" and again at 5" forming a "Z". Cut a purple 4-3/4" x 6-3/4" rectangle and two (2) 2-1/4"x6-3/4" rectangles. Apply 1/4" tearific tape to the backs of each. Adhere one rectangle centered in each of the card panels as shown.

Cut a 4-1/4"x6-1/4" rectangle of the paper studio-Holiday Magic Snowflakes. Apply 1/4" tear-ific tape to the back and adhere centered in the 5" panel as shown. Cut a polk-a-dot purple rectangle 1-3/4"x6-1/4", apply 1/4" Tear-ific Tape to the back and adhere to the front 2-1/2" panel as shown. Using a 2-3/4" circle of white from my stash, moistened the back and placed in Darice-Snowflake Flourishes Embossing Folder and run through the Big Shot. Let Dry and apply 1/4" Tear-ific tape to the backside. UsingWyse Scalloped Lacy Circles on Doodle Bug-Lily White Glitter Card stock, run through the big shot. Apply Tear-ific tape to 1/2 of the circle back. Adhere the Embossed circle to the front of the Glittered Scalloped circle. Using Nuvo Glue Pen apply glue and Cloud Nine Glitter to the raised areas of the embossed circle. Let Dry. Using Elizabeth Dies 757 and MS-Snow Flake punches I cut snowflakes from glitter paper and card stock from my stash. Different Sizes and shapes. Adhere the scalloped circle about 2" from the bottom to the Front 2-1/2" panel as shown. Adhere three different snowflakes to the front 2-1/2" panel around the scalloped Circle using Dimensional glue.

Using the "Let it Snow" die, cut one of Silver Metallic cardstock and one of Purple Metallic Cardstock. Using Dimensional Glue ahdere the (2) two sentiments together slightly off set as shown. Adhere to the Scalloped circle.

Using dimensional glue I adhered blue rhinestones in the center of snowflakes that showed when card was folded closed. Using Nuvo Glitter Drops-White Blizzard to the showing snowflakes of the Paper Studio-Holiday Magic Snowflake inside panel. Let Dry!

Wasn't that FUN and Simple? Only 25 cards to go.... 8-}

The second card for the day has a step by step tutorial with photos. A Snow Globe! My husband bought me this die set, Thinking I could have fun with it. So, today I thought I would share it with you. Doesn't that sound like FUN? It is my first attempt at making a shaker card.



556J Under the Mistletoe-Jan's Digi Stamp


Hammermill 100lb. White Cover Stock

Pizazz Paper -Metallic Gold Card Stock

Gold Metallic Reflective Cardstock

Paper Studio-Lt. Blue Solid Core Cardstock

DCWV-White Glitter Cardstock

Clear Acetate

Darice-Snow Embossing Folder

Small 1/8" hole punch

Snow Globe Die Set

WeR- Nesting Circle Dies

Elizabeth Dies-757 Snowflakes

Snow Flake Glitter

Sparkling Snow Glitter

One (1) Small white pom-pom

Dimensional Glue

Nuvo Glue Pen

1/2" Tear-ific Tape COPIC MARKERS:

1/8" Tear-ific Tape R12, R14, R17, R29

3M Foam Tape Y13, Y15, Y17

Nuvo Glitter Drops- White Blizzard C1, C3, C5, C7

VersaMagic-Aegean Blue Chalk Ink B01, B12, B14, B16

Anti-Static Bag or Static Guard G02, G19

91% Alcohol

Coffee Filter

Using my 556J Under the Mistletoe Digi Stamp, size the penguin 1-3/4"x2-3/4", leaving about 1-1/2" around the image; print on Hammermill 100lb. White Cover Stock and Color as desired. I used Copic Markers, the list is above.

Cut a 10"x7" rectangle of white, score and fold at 5" to form your cardbase.

Using the circle die between the circle frame of the snow globe. Cut out your image as shown.

Cut a 5"x7" rectangle of the DCWV White Glitter Card stock. Set to side.

Cut a 4-3/4"x6-3/4" rectangle of the Paper Studio-Lt. Blue Solid Core card stock.

set to the side.

Cut a 4-1/2"x6-1/2" rectangle of Hammermill White Coverstock. Set to side.

Color the balance of your cut image background with the B01 as shown.

Using 91% Alcohol I splattered the background and let dry.

Using the Rim/Frame of the Snow Globe die and cut about five (5) rings of white cardstock. (Save the circles for future use.)

Apply thin pieces of 3M Foam Tape placed tightly together around one of the Rim/Frames as shown.

Peel protective and adhere to the circle image. Repeat the last 2 steps.

Using Nuvo Glitter Drops-White Blizzard drops and randomly place dots around in the background and along the Ice block as shown. Let Dry.

Cut the small Pom-Pom in half and adhere to the hat with dimensional glue as shown.

Using the WeR-Nesting Circle Die cut an Acetate Circle as shown.

Using 1/8" Tear-ific Tape apply along the edge of the Acetate Circle.

Using an Anti-Static Bag/ or Spray with Static Guard (Let Dry)...

Pour some snowflake Glitter and Sparkling Glitter in the image frame.

Peel and stick the Acetate over the Circle Image piece to seal the glitter in.

Cut a ring on white Glitter cardstock.

Wrap 1/2" Tear-ific tape around the outside edge of the Image pocket, folding over about 1/8" on both sides. Adhere the White Glitter ring to the front of the Image pocket.

Use the Snow Globe base die on Pizazz Metallic Gold, run through the Big Shot. Trace around the Die Cut Base on the backside of the Reflective Gold Cardstock; then fussy cut.

Glue the Pizazz Metallic Gold on top the Reflective Gold cardstock using dimensional glue.

Roll the Shaker pocket side edge in some sparkling snow Glitter on a coffee filter, pour the excess back into the jar.

Now you should have the shaker image pocket and the Snow Globe base.

Isn't it cute?

Moisten the back side of your 4-1/2"x6-1/2" white cardstock and place the Darice-Snowflakes Embossing Folder over the top half. Run through the big Shot to the edge of the Folder. Back out and repeat for the bottom half. Should look like shown.

Using Nuvo Glue Pen and Sparkling Snow Glitter, I applied to the raised snowflakes in the area not covered by the snow globe. Let Dry.

Tap off any excess and poured back into the jar.

Adhere the DCWV-White Glitter rectangle to the front of the cardbase with the fold on the left.

Adhere the Paper Studio-Lt. Blue Rectangle centered on the Cardbase with the fold on the left.

Adhere the Embossed white rectangle centered of the card base with the fold on the left.

Adhere the snow globe pocket image about 3/4" from the Top and both side as shown.

Adhere the Snow Globe Base under the Globe image pocket as shown.

Printed my sentiment to about 1-1/2" on white cate stock.

Using a snowflake from Elizabeth Dies-757 Snowflakes, I centered over the sentiment and traced around it with a pencil lightly and fussy cut. Using an 1/8" hole punch, I punched each snowflake as shown.

Using the Nuvo Glue Pen and Sparkling Snow Glitter, I embellished the snowflake.

Using VersaMagic - Aegean Blue ink pad wipe along the edges.

Using 3M Foam Tape I adhered the sentiment to the lower right side of the snow globe.

The Hubby was right, that was FUN!

I had never made a shaker card before... A process I will try again! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Shake, Shake, Shake! Only 24 cards to go....

For our Third card of the Day.... I thought maybe something quick … maybe a die cut card with lots of Bling! Let it SNOW! Ideal for using up some of your scraps. I always like it when I can use up some of my scraps. So don't hesitate to modify to suite what you have on hand.

To start this card I cut a Lt. Blue Solid Core 9-1/2"x6-3/4" Rectangle, score and fold at 4-3/4". Cut two (2) white solid core cardstock 4-3/4"x6-3/4" rectangle. Using the "Snow Flake Wave Die" on one of the white rectangles about 1/3 from the top, run through the Big Shot. Place on a Coffee Filter. Apply Nuvo Glue Pen on the snowflakes along the top of the wave, add Sparkling Snow Glitter, tap off the excess and pour back in the jar. Using Elizabeth Dies-757 Snowflakes, Spellbinders-Holiday create a flake six, MS- Snowflake punches and Cheery Lynn Designs-Snowflake Dies- Cut multiple snowflakes in different sizes from White Glitter Paper and Cardstock. (Or the Snowflake Die you have on hand) Lay the wave cut rectangle on top the blue cardbase front. Use a pencil to lightly mark the wave on the blue. Fussy cut that line and up the fold. Adhere the white wave rectangle with 1/4" Tear-ific Tape to the Blue Flap Front. Adhere the other white rectangle with 1/4" Tear-ific Tape to the back side of the cardbase. Arrange several snowflakes, different sizes on the lower front flap of the card.

Adhere with dimensional glue when you are happy with the arrangement. Using "Let it Snow" die cut one on White Glitter Cardstock and cut one on Blue Glitter Cardstock. Using Dimensional Glue, glue the 2 together off set as shown. Adhere the sentiment on the blue, centered. Arrange several snowflakes around the sentiment, it's ok to hang over the edge. When happy with the arrangement adhere with Dimensional Glue. Trim off any overhang. To top it all off with that cherry on top. Use Dimensional glue to adhere a Rhinestone in the center of each snowflake. Quick and easy!

Thank you Digi Divas for coming along on my Christmas Card list journey. Stop in often and see what I'm up to.

Before I go for the day, I want to thank all who have checked in and those who have played along on our first Blog Challenge that started on the 4th of November. For those who would like to come and play it is NOT too late. Remember a NEW challenge starts every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Good Luck Ladies! Happy Crafting!




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