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Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction February 4-7, 2022

Hello Digi Divas! I am excited to announce the 2022 Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction for a cause that is near and dear to me- Turner Syndrome. My friend and fellow cardmaker Lori K. is sponsoring this Card Auction which starts on February 4th! All proceeds are donated to Turner Syndrome Foundation. Just click on the pic or the link below to view and bid on some gorgeous cards crafted by many talented cardmakers (and me). Please make your bids in the comment section in US Dollars. If you want to learn more, just read Lori's Welcome Message below.

Welcome to the Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction! This is a collaborative Card Auction for the benefit of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, which operates solely on donations. With Covid the last couple of years have been very difficult for the Turner Syndrome Foundation since most of their big fundraisers are held as "in-person" events and the pandemic has put all of that on hold. The TS Foundation provides support, guidance and educational programs for families impacted by Turner Syndrome. TS is a genetic disorder where a female is born missing part or all of her second X chromosome leaving her with lifelong medical issues and learning disabilities.

The very talented Card Designers who have donated their amazing cards are from all over the world and work on Design Teams for various crafting companies that sell dies, stamps and other card making supplies. They are the most generous and caring people I know! They have poured lots of love into each of their creations!

If you see a card that you love, please bid with your heart! Thank you So Much for your participation! Click on this link to visit Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction!

Thank you,

Lori K.

P.S. If you would like to learn more about TS, please visit the Turner Syndrome Foundation:


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