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Baby It's Cold Outside IGLOO Card

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Hello Digi Divas Everywhere! Welcome to my Blog! I am excited to share with you my NEW Baby It's Cold Outside Digi Stamp set, a set I have been having so much FUN with that I found myself adding an Igloo to the set. Let's take a look and see who's cozied up inside! Shake your tail feathers...

Suggested card size: 5"x6-1/2"


Hammermill® 100lb. White Coverstock B00, B02, B60, B63, B66

Clear Scraps® Acrylic Sheet BV20

Small Oval Punch C0, C1, C3

E6000® Glue or 3 in 1 Beacon® Glue E50, E51, E53, E77

Medium Pompom G12, G14, G16, G17, G19

White Flocking N3, N5, N6, N7

91% Alcohol R12, R14, R17, R29, R39

Dimensional® Glue Y02, Y13, Y15

Sweater Swatch (Cotton is best) YG03, YG07

Big Shot® Copic® Multiliner 0.5 Black

Lay out an Igloo to 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" on half the page. Size the Penguin couple 4"x3-1/8" on the second half of the page. Print on Hammermill® 100 lb. White Coverstock. Color as desired, I used Copic® markers to enable me to use on of my favorite techniques.

Color the knit items as shown.

(Only the knit items at first).

Using 91% Alcohol, moisten the sweater swatch.

(Not wet, damp... If wet the ink will leach out). Cover the image with the swatch, cover with palm of your hand and press. Count to 10.

The knit pattern should show on the knit items. Finish coloring the image as desired. You can also shadow the the knits once these items are dry.

I decided to add an Iceberg for them to stand on. Once colored, fussy cut the image and set to the side.

I colored the Igloo using shades of blue and shade to

give it some dimension as shown. Fussy cut Igloo.

I Used an oval tag punch for the sentiment.

Adhere the sentiment to the Door/Tunnel.

Using Clear Scraps® Acrylic sheet, cut a

12"x1-1/2" strip as shown. I folded at 6-1/2"

and heated the fold.

With the fold on the left, trim the 5-1/2" side

to 1-1/8" to the fold.

Notch the 6-1/2" side 1-1/4" from the edge and the 5-1/2" side 1-1/8" in from the edge as shown. Peel the protective layer off.

Using E6000® Glue, adhere the Igloo to the 6-1/2" backside 1/2" from the bottom of the acrylic as shown.

Make sure both

notches are clear and Igloo is 1/2" from the bottom of the acrylic.

Using E6000® Glue, adhere the penguin couple to the 5-1/2" strip centered between

the fold and the notch on the bottom of the strip as shown. Let Dry.

Using Dimensional® Glue adhere a medium pompom to the ball of the hat.

Slip a coffee filter behind the penguins. Using

Dimensional® Glue adhere white flocking to the hat

brim as shown.

When dry, slip the two notches together...

The igloo should arch and the card will stand on it's own.

Isn't this a heart warming card perfect for the frosty holiday season?

I hope you enjoyed this heart warming Baby It's Cold Outside card making journey- I certainly did! Don't forget to stop by my shop to receive your FREE gift from Jan's Digi Stamps for your loyalty and support. Have a Joyous Holiday Season and Happy Crafting!


PS - Join us for our November Blog Challenge at Jan's Digi Stamps Challenges. Anything goes, free to enter, and prizes given! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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