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Harvest Scarecrow

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Good Morning Digi Divas! I appreciate you stopping by today! I would like to share with you my NEW stamp set Harvest Scarecrow Digi Stamp Set 3335J. It is inspired by a scarecrow my grandma Susie had put in Henry's corn field. I think she put it there more for us than for the crows. As many of you may already know I include black & white versions of my stamp sets as well as color versions. Today, I am going to share the coloring with Copic® Markers and a quick tri-fold card with Harvest Scarecrow 3335J stamp set.


Swatch of Burlap Fabric E21, E23, E29, E30, E34, E35

Swatch of Blue Jean Fabric Y00, Y04, Y15

Paper Towel R02, R17

Isopropyl Alcohol (greater than 70%) B91, B93, B95, B97

YR12, YR14, YR16, YR18, YR23, YR24

YG61, YG63, YG67


BV20, BV23

W1, W3, W5, W7

N3, N5, N8

Suggested card sized: 5"x7"

For this set, I printed all three images on the same piece of cardstock in black & white. I am wanting to add texture to the main image. When adding texture to an image, that is the area that needs to be colored first. Otherwise you will ruin the coloring of those area.

I used E21, E23 to color the face and hands. R02 for the cheeks and R17 for the nose. I then moistened the burlap swatch with the Isopropyl Alcohol (greater than 70%). If wet, dab on the paper towel to take the excess off. I then applied to the face and hands, covering with my palm and count to 10... remove the burlap and let the cardstock dry before you proceed.

I used B91, B93, B95, B97 to color his overalls. to protect his hands and face I cut a piece of scrap paper to cover that area. Moistened the Jean swatch with the Isopropyl Alcohol (greater than 70%). If wet, dab on the paper towel to take the excess off. I then applied to the overalls and covered with my palm and count to 10... remove the jean swatch and let the cardstock dry before you proceed.

I used YR12, YR14, YR16 and YR18 to

color the pumpkins. E30, E34 for the stems.

I used N3, N5, and N8 to color his eyes, hat and shoes.

I used YOO, Y04, Y15 to color the sunflower petals and E30 and E34 for the center of the sunflowers.

I used Y00, YR21, YR24 and E30 to color the straw. Use an extremely light touch... use as a brush (not a marker).

I used YG61, YG63, YG67 and G29 to color the stems of the sunflowers. YR14, YR18 and R17 for one leaf, YG63, Y15 and R17 for another leaf and Y04, Y15 and YR16 for another.

I used BV20 and BV23 to color the workshirt. Last but not least I used W1, W3, W5, W7 and E35 to color the wheel barrel. Used W7 and E35 to make a woodgrain and shadows.

I hope you enjoyed coloring with me today. I love to color and autumn has so many fabulous colors. Everywhere you look you see Mother Nature's vibrant colors!

I would like to share a quick and easy tri-fold card using my pre-colored images. Come along and have a little fun with me.


2- 5"x7" cardbases

12"x12" Fall Cardstock - see below

Kraft Cardstock

Tear-ific® Tape

Dimensional Glue

X-acto Knife

Elizabeth Dies® 1114 - Fitted Ovals

Spellbinders Wreath Couronne #5 die

Like so many of you I have a stash of cardstock in my craft room that I have accumulated over the years. I decided to use a Fall piece today, one that is 12" x 12" and has a faint background design with a decorative design in a corner and/or along on side. As shown.

I sketched a faint lead pencil rectangle of 5"x7" in the corner of the cardstock featuring the decorative design. Centering the next to largest Elizabeth® 1114 - Fitted Ovals die I sketched the inside of the oval with a lead pencil- as shown. Using an x-acto® knife I cut around the parts of the image I want to save when cutting the oval. (On this paper I want to save the embossed leaves.) Slip the oval under the parts you are wanting to save and run through the Big Shot®. On one of the 5"x7" cardbases trace the cut-out with a pencil and repeat above as shown. Adhere the decorative front to the cardbase with the fold on the left using Tear-ific® Tape and Dimensional® Glue. Trim off any excess white inside the oval.

Shave about 1/32" off the 7" edge of the second cardbase. Adhere the second cardbase inside the first cardbase with the fold on the right using Tear-ific® Tape. Now you should have a tri-fold as shown.

On my computer I sized the main image to 3-1/2"x 3-1/2"; sized the pumpkins 1"x1-3/8" and stack by his feet. Stack a sentiment to the right of the scarecrow. Center in the 5"x7" cut-out.

Print on a 5"x7" rectangle of the faint background cut out of the extra stock. Adhere on the third flap, centered in the oval cut-out.

Apply a shadow under the image if desired. I used Copic C1 & C3 .

Using the Spellbinders® Wreath Couronne #5 die cut (2) two wreaths of the Kraft cardstock. Adhere to frame the oval on the front of the card using Dimensional® Glue and snipping where needed in order to make fit as shown.

I sized a second sentiment 2-3/4"x4" for the center backflap and printed on a 5"x7" rectangle of the faint background cut out of the extra stock.

Adhered to the Center back flap on the inside of the card as shown below.

Wasn't that FUN? So easy.... I appreciate you stopping by and joining in on my crafting fun and inspiration. Don't forget to stop by the shop and see what is NEW. We are offering three (3) NEW sets for September.

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

I would also like to invite you to join us on our Challenge Blog where "anything goes" and a NEW blog starts every first Monday of each month. TWO (2) ways to WIN a $10 shop voucher! One for anything goes and One for those who feature a Jan's Digi Stamp Set. Hope to see you there!



(Owner & Illustrator of Jan's Digi Stamp Shop)

PS - I just wanted to let you know that 2021 "It's a girl thing" Blog Hop and Challenge is ON!! This year it will run from February 1st through the 28th. Winners will be posted on Saturday, March 13th.

Jan Mahew has created a BEAUTIFUL digi stamp set for the Blog Hop & Challenge. To be released November 1st, 2020. She has also created a lovely Mood Board for us to use! ALL proceeds from the sale of the stamp set will be donated to the Turner Syndrome Foundation!!



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