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Silent Night Card

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Hello Digi Divas everywhere! Welcome! The Holiday Season Countdown is ON! Not that I'm counting, but there are only press here Days until Christmas as of today! That means I really need to get busy making cards. This set is another one I've been wanting to draw for awhile- Silent Night Digital Stamp Set. Let it suffice to say this is the Reason for the Season Set, especially in these harrowing times... Come along for the Traditional creation tutorial with a FUN twist!

Suggested card size: 5"x7"

MATERIALS LIST FOR Silent Night Card: Copic® Markers:

Hammermill® White 100lb. Coverstock B000, B01, B02, B05, B45

Core'dinations® Oscar E02, E35, E42, E43, E44, E47, E50, E51,

Gold Glitter Cardstock E53, E55

Fiskars® Corner Punch Y000, Y11, Y13,Y21, Y26, Y28

Tear-ific® Tape Copic® Multiliner Brown Fine Point

Foam Tape

Quickie® Glue Pen

Dimensional® Glue

Straw Mesh

Copic® Air Brush

91% Alcohol

Layout your images as shown. I sized the Manger 3"x3", the Lamb 1-1/2"x1-5/8", star 3/4"x1-1/2" and grass clumps vary... Copy and paste on second half of page. Add a sentiment to first image. Print your images on Hammermill® 100lb. White Coverstock.

Color as desired, I used Copic® Markers. The list of colors are above.

Trim the image with the sentiment to

6-3/4"x4-3/4" as shown.

Using the Fiskars® Corner Punch on all corners

of the main image as shown.

I printed the images again on plain copy paper and fussy cut in order to use as masks to protect

the images while air brushing the background.

I cut a small cloud also to mask off the sentiment.

I laid a plain paper across the bottom of the card for a land line about halfway on the manger.

Using B45 and the Copic® Air brush fill in the sky.

Flip the land line to cover the sky line and air brush the land using YR21 and YR23. Let Dry.

Fussy cut your 2nd set of images.

THE TWIST! This is where we get lit!

To prepare for wiring, trace around the battery

on the Lamb and cut-out. Using an Xacto® knife

cut (2) 1/8" slits on the star as shown and one

in the lamb's head.

Cut 8"-9" of 1/4" Copper Foil Tape and cut again down the center into (2) 1/8" pieces.

Adhere a Chibi® light to the star on the front as shown. Positioned with the slits.

Slip one end of the Copper Foil through the negative slit from the backside and adhere to the negative pole of the Chibi®. Now adhere the Copper Foil as shown along the backside. Leave protective on the 1-1/2" piece of Copper Foil at the hole.

Slip one end of the Copper Foil through the positive slit from the backside and adhere to the positive pole of the Chibi®. Now adhere the Copper Foil as shown along the backside to the slit in the lamb's head. Slip end through the slit to the front side with the protective side up.

Adhere Foam Tape along the backside edges and around the battery hole to help hold the battery in place. Center the card front on the 5"x7" Core'dinations® Oscar Gold Glitter cardstock and adhere. Adhere the negative bottom copper foil to the Core'dinations® Oscar Gold.

Insert the battery into the hole with the

negative side down.

Adhere Foam Tape around the battery hole and on the manger. Make sure the copper foil is on top of the foam with protective side up as shown.

Apply glue globs on the star to build up a

space higher than the Chibi® light. Let Dry.

(May take a couple of applications)

Peel the protectives off the Copper Tape and Foam tape. Align the Fussy cut Manger over the Main Manger Image and press into place.

Adhere the fussy cut star aligned over the main image & Chibi.

Press on the Lamb and your star should

light up and shine upon Baby Jesus! ;-D

OPTIONAL: Cut small pieces of straw/grass and adhere to the manger and grass clumps using dimensional glue. (I used tweezers)

Using the Masks again, cover the manger, star and cloud.

Using a stiff brush and 91% alcohol speckle the background with the Alcohol. Let Dry!

I love the heavenly effect on the dark sky.

That's it! Your card is done.

I hope you enjoyed my traditional card and tutorial with a twist using Silent Night Digital Stamp Set.

Thank you for coming along and spending part of your day with me on this card making adventure! Are you ready to create this Chibi® lighted card or your own unique creation? The possibilities are endless. Join our blog challenge Jan's Digi Stamps Challenges returning on November 1st and share your creations with us. See you there!


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